Inventory that Counts Itself!

Track Your Inventory Remotely, Autonomously, in Real-Time

Inventory Management is a Challenge!

Even the best supply chain professionals struggle with stock-outs, old or out of sync data, travel to remote sites, and back breaking manual tasks. StockVUE uses cloud connected smart scales with cloud software to track inventory by weight. By harnessing the power of IoT, StockVUE minimizes travel to remote sites, eliminates stock-outs and improves your bottom line.

Inventory Management Made Easy!



Eliminate parts & cycle counting. Minimize travel and manual labor needed.


Real Time

Receive Just-in-Time alert messages. Access inventory data and reports in Real time.


Remote Visibility

Get remote visibility into your inventory from anywhere at anytime on any device.

StockVUE - How it Works?

StockVUE is based on digital scales that connect with wireless sensor routers. Up to twelve digital scales can be connected to each wireless router. The wireless router provides power to the scale and wireless connectivity to a Node+ IoT Gateway. The Node+ IoT Gateway communicates wirelessly with all connected routers at a site and uploads the data to the StockVUE Cloud.


The StockVUE Web Application provides remote access to your inventory in real time. You can freely provide this stand alone web application to your employees, customers and partners to keep everyone in sync. Easy to use APIs provide connectivity between StockVUE Cloud and your ERP or Warehouse management system making it compatible with your existing ERP and MRP systems.

StockVUE Components

Smart Scales

Smart Scales

Digital Scales come in various sizes and max weight capacities and offer +/- 0.1% of full scale accuracies. They offer UART/USB output.

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Wireless Interfaces

Wireless Interfaces

Interface electronics provide power and robust, industrial  wireless connectivity between the scales and StockVUE Cloud.

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StockVUE Software provides up to the minute data and just-in-time alerts to help manage inventory from anywhere, anytime on any device.

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Real World Installations

Industrial Parts Distribution

Remotely Track Inventory at Points of Use

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Manufacturing Warehouse

Pallet Size Scales that support Fork Lift Access

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Manufacturing Warehouse

Pallet scales for Industrial Racks and Shelves

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Temperature Controlled Cabinets

Track Perishable Items in Refrigerators

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Pharmacy Products & Supplies

Track Critical Medications at Points-of-Use

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Track Fasteners at Customer Sites Remotely

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Customer Reviews

Don Hackenson

Branch Manager
"StockVUE helps us avoid dangerous road trips to remote customer sites in the winter, just to take inventory. My area managers can handle ten times the volume now."

Steve Rentz

"It’s a VMI tool that finally makes JIT inventory management practical. It helps us realize JIT’s long-promised cost benefits & eliminate costly stock-outs to give us 10X ROI."

Victor Ruiz

Regional Sales Manager
"On vacation recently, I checked in on my key customers and made several reorders, all from the beach, without my wife suspecting that I was working!"

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StockVUE in Action

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How accurate are the digital scales?

While the sensors we use have a +/- 0.02% of full scale accuracy, compensated for temperature from -10C to 40C, under most cases you can be confident you'll get 1 piece per 1000 piece accuracy.

What Capacities are Available?
What Size Digital Scales are Available?
Are the Routers Wireless? Do they need Power?
What is the Node or Node+ IoT Gateway
How many Routers & Node + do I need?
Do we have to buy shelves and bins from you?

No. You can reuse your existing storage solutions and place our digital scales wherever you need them.

What is the warranty period?
How much does it cost?
Can the date be uploaded into our existing ERP?
Can a PC/Mac be used instead of Node or Node+?
Is the software license on a per user basis?